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Fixed Cost IT Support


Tired of unexpected IT support costs ruining your carefully planned budgets?

SOS can provide a fixed cost IT support or service level agreement tailored to meet your specific needs for a monthly fee. This can include regular onsite service, deployments, installations and even whole network upgrades for a flat monthly fee, no more budget blowouts.

Frustrated with your current IT support provider sending someone new who has no idea about your network, costing you valuable time and money?

At SOS we know that our employees are one of our most important assets and we have an extremely high retention rate of staff.

This means you will receive a consistently high level of service and efficient problem resolution from support staff that have a thorough understanding of your network.

Not happy about doing another round of interviews to replace your internal IT support person?

Fixed Cost IT Support Services

SOS can provide highly experienced staff to provide network support at your organisation. Some organisations have found they only need our onsite support for two or three days a week after replacing a fulltime internal IT person.

As a team we will always have someone available to support your network, no more worrying about annual leave or sick leave.

Do you really know the current state of your network?

All of our agreements include monthly reporting and regular meetings to ensure you are aware of, not only the current state of your entire network, but also what’s in store for the future. This allows you to accurately budget for IT expenditure and address potential issues before they occur.