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Laptop Donation – Pokolbin Rural Fire Brigade

Pokolbin Rural Fire Services

Laptop Donation – Pokolbin Rural Fire Brigade

SOS Technology Group is pleased to announce our support of the Pokolbin Rural Fire Brigade.  SOS Technology Group recently donated a Lenovo notebook to assist the brigade in their daily operations that are vital to the safety and wellbeing of the rural Hunter Valley community.  Thank you to Stephen Drayton at Ivanhoe Wines for the opportunity to be involved.


SOS Certificate of Appreciation

2016 Google Analytics conference

2016 Google Analytics User Conference

Members of the SOSTG Digital Media Team attended the 2016 Google Analytics User Conference held in Sydney last week on the 26th October 2016.  The programme included a keynote speech from Krista Seiden – one of Google’s leading Analytics Advocates.  The conference also included a number of speakers on a range of key topics relating to Google Analytics – including improving online performance, enterprise integration with the Google 360 suite, programming languages, automation, data collection and privacy requirements, as well as data visualisation and the user experience.

The team was also fortunate to attend the 2016 Google Analytics User Conference masterclass held the day before the conference on 25th October 2016.  Topics in the masterclass included how to tame your data layer, moving beyond Google Analytics to Google’s professional suite of products, how to measure the impact of social and understand user journeys.

Contact our digital media team direct today on Ph:0249579333 , email us  sales@sostg.com.au or complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.


DIG Newcastle - digital technology and innovation

2016 DIG Newcastle – Digital Technology & Innovation

DIG Newcastle

Members of the SOSTG management and marketing teams attended DIG 2016 – Newcastle’s leading digital technology and innovation masterclass held over 2 days on 13 and 14 October 2016.

“….DIG 2016 will highlight industry experts in a variety of fields conducting “Masterclasses” on how to Market, Grow & Automate your business using the very latest technology and thinking. These in-depth sessions will provide attendees with a framework to navigate change, not only to survive, but to thrive in the new economy…” http://www.digfestival.com.au/about-dig/

Delegates were treated to a number of key industry speakers in vital areas of digital business, and provided with practical insights and future directions into taking your business into the future utilising the latest in digital technology .  Topics included marketing, case studies of local innovative businesses success stories that have launched in the Hunter, thought leadership, future methods of working to take advantage of technology, opportunities that technology offers for the creative process, innovation and entrepreneurship, social media marketing integration and strategies to assist your business to grow.

Contact our team direct today on Ph:0249579333 , email us  sales@sostg.com.au or complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.




2016 Google masterclass

2016 September Google Partners Masterclass

2016 Google masterclass

Our Digital Media Team were invited to attend the 2016 Google Partners Masterclass in Sydney last week.  The masterclass showcased the latest offerings from Google in relation to Google Analytics and Adwords, as well as SEO services in general. The keynote speaker was Nick Iyengar, Associate Director of Digital Intelligence, ex-Googler and general analytics guru from Cardinal Path.

Our Digital Media Team can assist your business with SEO and SEM activities to increase your online presence. Contact our office today on 0249579333  or email the Digital Media Team on webdesign@sostg.com.au


Xerocon South 2016

Xerocon South 2016

Xerocon South 2016Cheryl Lintott (our Xero software specialist) attended Xerocon South 2016 in Brisbane last week – “…the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in Australia, NZ and Asia…” (xero).  Over 2300 delegates visited the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre over 2 days on the 8-9 September 2016.  The conference presented the opportunity to hear from a number of key speakers in the industry and to gain insight into the latest Xero product developments.

Xero accounting software offers beautiful and easy cloud based accounting software for business.  Includes automatic bank reconciliation, business dashboard, payroll, invoicing, cashflow, mobile application, multi-layer security and an add-on marketplace that is second to none.  SOS Technology Group provides training services for Xero accounting software.  Contact our office today on 0249579333 to discuss your training needs – or email Cheryl at cheryl.lintott@sostg.com.au


Trend Micro is a global leader in internet content security software and cloud computing security with a focus on data security, virtualization, endpoint protection

Ransomware video – Trend Micro

Trend Micro (our trusted partners in computer network security) have released an excellent video detailing the causes and effects of ransomware.    Ransomware is malicious malware that hackers install on your computer to lock down your business data and hold your business data to “ransom”.  A payment is requested in exchange for returning access to your business data.

Ransomware attacks are usually initialised through opening an infected email attachment or by viewing a compromised website. Today’s hackers are so sophisticated that you may not even realise you have inadvertently clicked on an innocent looking attachment and compromised your computer system.  We would recommend that you always be vigilant and be aware of  suspicious web addresses and email attachments.

Click here to view the video link

We recommend the following to ensure the safety of your business from a ransomware attacks:-

  • Installation – Trend Micro antivirus software
  • Update – Trend Micro antivirus software – always update your software to ensure you have the latest version
  • Backup – regular daily backups on a rotation basis – stored off-site
  • Education – training and educating staff in relation to identifying potential risks

Take immediate action today to protect your business data from a ransomware attack.  Call SOS Technology Group today on 02 49579333 to discuss how we can assist in protecting you and your business.



Importance of Australian Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity update

Cybersecurity – it is high on the priority list for your business?  Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)  in their latest research into international trends in Cybersecurity have discussed this important issue to businesses in today’s IT security environment. Within today’s growing technical landscape, many organisations are now finding a majority of their technical environment contains vulnerabilities within their workplace. This in turn is causing a concern for the core information of a business.  This issue is critical to both the business and its clients. Some organisations have started to change the way their company approaches the changing threat landscape.
CompTIA have found that within a company “…human error is playing an even larger role in business security breaches compared to two years ago…”. To combat this issue, businesses have invested in security training to assess or improve the current knowledge among employees. Incorporating End User training with an added layer security to a network will increase the overall integrity of the core IT Infrastructure of a business.
From the research provided by CompTIA, we are able to ascertain that Australia’s projected growth in the thought processes associated with the field of cybersecurity will increase for Australians quite significantly in the next few years.
Ref: https://www.comptia.org/resources/international-trends-in-cybersecurity—australia

Importance of Australian Cybersecurity

Importance of Australian Cybersecurity



Ransomware Alert for Australia & New Zealand

2016 June – Trend Micro – Ransomware Alert – Torrentlocker

Ransomware Alert for Australia & New Zealand

Ransomware outbreak: TorrentLocker being spread on FakeAGL websites:

If you are a Trend Micro customer:

  • Make sure web reputation is on
  • Must have IP reputation on at least QIL level 2

At the present we have seen 300 compromised websites redirecting traffic to the TorrentLocker landing page:


They are using landing pages such as:

We advise IT support and users:

  • Put such landing pages into firewalls for protection of other servers / devices (noting that they will rotate through multiple landing pages). They have changed tactics – and now the landing page is delivering malicious JavaScript rather than using a public download site.
  • Not to enter Captcha codes to any energy / bill related websites.


SA Community Transport Forum – 2016 May

TMA Software (SOS Technology Group associated company that produces custom software solutions) was pleased to be a Forum sponsor at the South Australian Transport Forum held in Adelaide last week.  Andrew Sturt (managing director of TMA Software) was a keynote speaker at the Forum, and gave a presentation on the Caremaster and Trips product range from TMA Software.

Andrew’s presentation was extremely well received – with such comments noted as:-

  • interesting – easy access for client/driver/transport/costs/reports
  • was good to have a software provider, and generated ideas into future planning of current systems
  • very good product
  • very relevant to our everyday business
  • Andrew made software as interesting as you can make it.  He knew his product very well!

It was a pleasure for Andrew to meet all the delegates, and have the opportunity to discover how our community services management software can assist organisations providing community transport and community services in the area. We look forward to utilising our in-depth experience in working with the not for profit sector and working with a number of new service organisations.


Windows 10 Free upgrade to end soon

Microsoft Windows are reminding you that your opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free will expire on 29 July 2016.  After this date, you may purchase Windows 10 for $119USD (home edition), or purchase your new device with Windows 10 pre-loaded.

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