Outsource to Outstanding

Sick of feeling like you’ve contacted a call-centre?
Frustrated at explaining yourself over and over again to a new person each time?

Your business relies on technology that works and when a problem occurs you need it resolved as quickly as possible.

Many of our clients have come to us from other service providers. They are frustrated by impersonal support and lengthy resolution times. Sick of waiting for help and being given the run around.

All the while mentally counting the cost of lost productivity, lost sales and an inability to respond to client enquiries.

A unique service

AT SOSTG we get that. Which is why we have created a unique service delivery model for outsourced IT. One that surrounds you with a dedicated team of IT experts. One that responds rapidly with the right answer, first time.

A service that frees you up to spend more time taking care of your clients, growing your business.

It based in 3 simple truths:

We are invested in your business – so that you focus on yours

We build a team around your business that knows your people, your organisation and how it works. So that you don’t have to keep explaining yourself and we can make your organisation IT problem free. Increasing the efficiency and productivity of your people.

Fast response times – so that you know it’s taken care of

Our proactive vigilance means that most problems are fixed before you are aware of them. Your calls go straight to your dedicated team and are handled by IT experts on the spot. Most queries are resolved then and there.

Fixed first time – everyone wins

We invest a lot of money in making your IT hum. Establishing robust IT infrastructure and systems and tools to alert us before problems arise. Every time you have a problem, we have a problem. Which is why we fix it first time. Which is much better for you.

Fast personal service …. proactively helping us with our growth plans

“We had been managing our IT in-house but our rapid growth meant that we were being restricted by our technology capabilities and knowledge.

We put 3 potential out-sourced IT partners through a rigorous selection process and chose SOSTG.

What stood out for me was their honesty and openness when talking about our business…. their thorough pre-proposal audit and it was all about us, our business, our challenges our plans.

At no point did our Client Manager try selling to us.

He was frank and open about what was needed and how they could help.

We have been with them for a year now and are very happy. If I summed them up in a few words it would be ”like trouble-free motoring for IT”.

Fast personal service, they fix things first time and are proactively involved in helping us with how technology can help our future growth plans.”

Luke Pyne, CEO, Trick Group

Outstanding Service

We have been taking care of businesses in Newcastle, Sydney and throughout regional NSW for over 20 years and consistently rank in the “Outstanding service” bracket in independently audited client surveys.

Further unlike many others, none of our team has a sales target. It’s the wrong focus. It distracts attention from what really matters – giving our clients the service that best meets their needs.

In fact we are so confident in the quality of our service that we will happily give you a month’s free trial so that you can experience it.

To find out more call 1300 100 505 or fill in the below form and experience Outsourced to Outstanding.

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