Custom Software

To solve your unique business challenges

All businesses are the same, yet how they manage and execute the same functions – sales/marketing; operations; finance; admin; people – is different. Unique.

Inevitably off-the-shelf software will only go so far. Then you have to develop work-arounds. Often cumbersome and time consuming: involving double handling of information, manual entry and new processes.

The opportunity cost of that is high.

Here to help.

If you have a unique business problem or a tricky niche process then custom software or an app could fix it. Making workflows easier, faster and giving real-time access to vital business information.

Giving you a more dynamic workforce and happier customers. Saving you money.

Some of the work SOSTG have done includes:

  • CareMaster – a web based NDIS and CHSP service management platform and mobile worker app for more information visit
  • Trips – a complete community transport management  system and on board vehicle solution for more information visit
  • Workflow and information integration – getting different software packages and processes to work together.
  • Custom a rostering and admin systems cutting down manual data entry by more than half – saving the client a full-time admin role.
  • Created an integrated work flow dash-board so that the business could better track their work-process and loads. It gave management a real-time over-view of performance and the ability to make timely and effective decisions.
  • Time clock systems, employee time sheets, document management, incident management, job and asset tracking, and many more.

We have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and to a mutually agreed fixed cost. The secret lies in getting your requirements exactly right.

To find out more contact our Software Development Team, on 1300 100 505.


Elegant mobile or web based apps

A mobile or web based app, in many cases, can eliminate unnecessary paperwork, streamline processes, improve data integrity and collection.

Some of the work SOSTG have done includes:

  • Mobile worker application; syncs job and timesheet information to the office, provides detailed job information, client sign off facility and turn by turn navigation.
  • Driver run sheets; syncs run sheet information to the office, in built messaging system, real time vehicle location, and turn by turn navigation
  • Checklist and form submission; allows information to be collected easily in the field and results recorded and stored in a central database.

To find out more contact our Software Development Team, on 1300 100 505.

Effective Websites

Set your business apart from the crowd

A website is a critical marketing asset for your organisation. Before potential clients make contact with you, they will visit your website, see what services you offer, and if your business is a “fit” for their business.

  • Prospective clients – why would I do business with you? What makes you special? What is your big promise that can help me? Prove it.
  • Existing customers – what else do you do?
  • New team members – who are you? Why would I want to work with you? What are you values? Your beliefs?
  • Others – what exactly do you do? Who else have you worked with? How can I get in touch?

It’s a hyper competitive world, where a rival organisation is just one click away.

How your website looks and what it says matters. You have 2 seconds to grab their attention otherwise they are gone.

Let SOSTG help you shine

At SOSTG we create effective websites for our clients. Websites that make their organisations shine. That effectively communicate the value they offer.

We have been partnering with local, regional and national businesses to design and develop their digital media platforms for over 10 years.

To find out how we can help your organisation stand out in the digital world, Call 1300 100 505 to book an appointment with one of our Digital Media Specialists.