Make your organisation more agile, productive, efficient.

As organisations grow, they accumulate many different software applications and work processes driven by the needs of particular departments or specific functions.

Inevitably complexity and inefficiency grows – often exponentially.

  • The software doesn’t integrate and match up, leading to double-handling of information and manual data entry – often expensive and error-ridden.
  • Management visibility of critical business information becomes clouded and decision making is slow.
  • Departmental silos arise.

All of this chews up time and focus, means sluggish responses to market changes and costs money. Hidden costs – but very real and expensive.

This is compounded by continuous technology innovation and disruption, which present ever-increasing spirals of competitive threats and new business opportunities.

Make the most of technology

Businesses need to adapt to this new era: take advantage of the opportunities technology affords and free people up to focus on higher-value tasks – increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Using a successful planning, design and implementation methodology we ensure your strategy and technology align to deliver the business outcomes you want – on-time and within budget.

If your technology is starting to hamper you or if you have a specific IT project to grow the capability and capacity of your organisation then call our Lead Technology Strategy Advisor, on 1300 100 505.

Security Advisory Service (S.A.S.)

Making your business secure

Cyber security is now one of the largest threats facing a business of any size. Cyber security attacks on major organisations such as Yahoo!, Australian Bureau of Statistics (census night 2016), Apple i-cloud image thefts, Democratic National Committee in the USA and Target (US) all make national headlines.

They cause immense brand damage and are very expensive. In the case of the latter, $167m – and that was before the lawsuits.

The risk is real

Yet ironically behind the headlines it is the small and medium sized businesses that are most exposed:

  • 40% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, but because smaller firms have fewer resources to devote to cyber security…
  • 72% of successful data breaches happen in smaller companies.
  • About 71% of small business owners admit to lacking confidence in their current cyber security measures.
  • 65% of businesses go without cyber insurance – even though many cite data breaches as their number one IT concern.

Worse: The average cost of a data breach for a small to mid-sized business is a staggering $5 million.

S.A.S. to shield your business

SOSTG offers businesses a robust and comprehensive security service. It involves a forensic audit of all your networks and external access points identifying all vulnerabilities. From there a strategy is developed to shield your business from cyber-attacks and protect your data and operating systems.

We then assist your business in successfully implementing it.

To find out more about our Security Advisory Services contact us on 1300 100 505.

Cloud Computing

To be or not to be

The advantages of cloud computing are compelling and many businesses, bookkeepers, accountants, IT service providers and software companies extol their virtues.

Indeed cloud computing enables a business to:

  • Scale up or down depending upon workforce and business requirements
  • Reduce capital expenditure by cutting down the cost of expensive hardware
  • Increase collaboration of team members working on the same projects
  • Allow a person to work from anywhere that has a fast, reliable and secure internet connection.

Little wonder there is such an interest and rush to the cloud.


As with all technology opportunities it really is a case by case scenario. There are some critical issues to consider:

Legacy systems

Many businesses have legacy systems and software that do not successfully translate to the cloud. The systems are very complex and how these integrate with cloud-based applications will be critical to your success.

Internet connection

Cloud-based applications, storage and security systems depend on a fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Any variability can leave your business exposed to lost productivity, lost data and confusion about document variations.

Processing Power

High end industry-specific applications can require huge amounts of processing power and data storage. In which case your business would become hamstrung by the cloud. It simply is not fast enough and powerful enough to cope.

To find out if and how the cloud could benefit your organisation call us on 1300 100 505.