At SOS, we understand the critical role that effective procurement and asset management play in the success of your business. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to meet your IT needs, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

Why Choose SOS Technology Group?

  • Customer-focused Approach: Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do. We prioritize your needs to deliver personalized solutions.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in IT Managed Services, our team brings deep expertise to every project, ensuring reliable and effective solutions.
  • Innovation: Stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Benefit from our innovative approaches to procurement, asset management, and IT solutions.

Our Services


Streamlining the procurement process is essential for acquiring the right technology resources efficiently. We excel in sourcing and procuring high-quality IT hardware, software, and services tailored to your specific requirements. Our procurement services include:

  • Thorough Needs Analysis
  • Vendor Management
  • Cost-effective Solutions


Efficient asset management is the key to maximizing the value of your IT investments. We offer end-to-end asset management services to ensure that your resources are utilized optimally throughout their lifecycle. Our asset management services cover:

  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking and Reporting
  • Compliance and Security


We go beyond mere acquisition by managing the entire lifecycle of your IT assets. From deployment to decommissioning, our experts ensure that your technology investments contribute to long-term success. Our asset lifecycle management services include:

  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
  • End-of-life Disposal


Effortless setup and configuration are vital for a smooth IT infrastructure. SOS Technology Group specializes in setting up and configuring your IT assets, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your existing systems. Our services include:

  • Network Configuration
  • Software Installation
  • System Integration


We understand the importance of uninterrupted operations. Our warranty support services ensure that your IT assets are covered, and issues are resolved promptly, minimizing downtime. Our warranty support includes:

  • Warranty Tracking
  • Rapid Issue Resolution
  • Extended Warranty Options


Unlock the full potential of your IT strategy. We provide expert consultation to help you make informed decisions, optimize processes, and align technology with your business goals. Our consulting services cover:

  • IT Strategy Development
  • Technology Road mapping
  • Security and Compliance Consulting

Have a preference?

We have strong connections with distributors of all major Tech brands in Australia. SOS Technology Group ensures access to a wide range of quality hardware and software solutions. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to work within your existing environment, providing you with the same trusted hardware if that’s your preference.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to optimize your IT infrastructure? Contact SOS Technology Group today to explore how our procurement, asset management, and consulting services can benefit your business. Our team is here to support you on your technology journey.

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