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Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing top-notch IT Managed Services. Get to know the individuals who drive our success and make our customers IT solutions happen.

Meet the team


Andrew Sturt
Owner & Strategic Advisor

Andrew is the visionary owner of SOS Technology Group. Andrew plays a crucial role by offering strategic guidance to the team. His commitment to customer-focused excellence and innovative leadership shapes the company’s trajectory, fostering a culture of success.

Dylan Baker - General Manager - SOS Technology Group
Dylan Baker
General Manager

As the General Manager, Dylan oversees the day-to-day operations at SOS Technology Group. With a keen eye for Leadership and Client Services, he ensures that our services run seamlessly, meeting the highest standards of efficiency.


Richie Gilpin
Systems Engineer

Richie has been with SOS for almost 5 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge to implement and maintain the service needs of our customers. During his time with us, he has climbed the ranks working his way through Helpdesk to Team Lead and now to his current role as Systems Engineer. In his spare time, Richie is a family man with 2 young boys running a muck around the house. Beyond his IT expertise, Richie has a flavorful past, having previously owned a Mexican restaurant and food truck… He approaches each moment with enthusiasm and a determination.

Ian McGuinness
Systems Engineer

With over 30 years of real world experience, Ian has the knowledge to implement a solution that meets your needs. With a focus on details, Ian can help untangle your systems and support you towards a productive future. His enthusiasm for technology extends beyond the workplace, reflecting his dedication and genuine interest in the IT industry.


Kevin Boots
Helpdesk Team Lead

Kevin is our dedicated Helpdesk Team Lead, he specializes in leading and mentoring a dynamic team of Helpdesk Specialists and Technicians, fostering a collaborative environment for technical issue resolution. Their primary focus revolves around ensuring swift and effective responses to service requests and incidents, prioritizing tasks to meet stringent timelines.

Nathan Phan (Phan)
Senior Helpdesk Technician

With over 4 years as a Helpdesk team member, Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to our team. His “can do” attitude and willingness to go above and beyond for all our clients align perfectly with our business goals. He has achieved qualifications in Sophos XG Firewall, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Administration. Outside the office, Nathan enjoys hanging out with friends for a couple of beers, spending time with his family and building model kits.

Bryan Camaya
Helpdesk Specialist

Affectionately known as the ticket killer from north of Manila, Bryan has been in IT for over 6 years. Despite his fondness for heavy metal, sci-fi, DOTA, and a home-cooked bowl of Sisig (Pampanga style), he’s equally passionate about being a Helpdesk Specialist. In the world of IT, Bryan takes pride in being the ticket killer, contributing to a positive and streamlined IT support process. His mission is to create a reliable and user-friendly environment within the organization. With a solid foundation in IT support, he brings a comprehensive understanding of hardware, software, and network systems.

Andrew Saxby (Sax)
Helpdesk Technician

Meet Sax, our IT support ninja who tackles tech challenges with a smile and a sprinkle of laughter. If IT were a comedy show, he would be the headliner, turning error messages into punchlines and debugging sessions into stand-up routines.
Sax doesn’t just fix problems; he performs tech magic that leaves everyone in awe. Rumor has it that he once solved a network issue by whispering sweet nothings to the router – now that’s some next-level IT wizardry!
But it’s not all about the code for our IT maestro. Sax has a knack for turning mundane moments into hilarious anecdotes, transforming the office into a stage for tech-themed comedy. Forget about “404 Not Found,” with him around, it’s more like “404 Found the Fun!”. So, here’s to Sax, the IT support dynamo with a comedic flair.

Matthew Reid
Helpdesk Technician

Coming Soon…


Susan Cant
Office Manager

Partnered with a strong admin background, Susan has been a valuable member of the team at SOS for over 15 years. Leveraging her expertise, she has collaborated with various levels of management to supervise administrative systems and oversee office policies and procedures, contributing significantly to the smooth operation of the organization. With a focus on business relations, Susan aims to ensure that our clients’ needs are not only met but met functionally and swiftly. Outside of work, Susan enjoys a range of hobbies, including cooking, reading, and travel.

Sue Ireland
Billing Manager

With 18 years of dedicated service at SOS, Sue brings extensive expertise in client management, specializing in understanding and overseeing the intricacies of monthly contracts. Her deep knowledge of clients and their businesses enables her to ensure accuracy in billing for both clients and distributors. As a dedicated team player, she thrives in collaborative environments. Outside of work, her passions include playing lawn bowls, cherishing moments with her family (especially her grandchildren) and embarking on scenic drives with her husband to explore beautiful places.

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